Asset Location Tracking
  • 70% of the drivers face parking difficulties in finding a slot
  • Almost 50% don’t know where to park relative to their shops
  • Over 90% said that they will use an app to help them
Fleet Management

Company Overview

  • Flow uses cutting edge indoor-navigation technologies to enhance the parking experience.
  • We give garage owners the power to improve their customer experience by transforming their infrastructure into valuable marketing assets.
  • Our international team operates out of Dubai, London and Lausanne.
Fleet Management

Then Lets Users

  • Search for and find parking spaces in real-time, via a smartphone app.
  • Find parking relative to their final destination.
  • Locate their car and navigate back to it.


  • Assist users to find parking spots
  • Guided users to their parked cars
  • Collected behavioral data
  • Traffic congestion eliminated


  • Certainty = Stress reduction
  • Time spent in parking minimized
  • Time spent in mall maximized
  • Willingness to return