June 5, 2018

Ecole de la construction, Tolochenaz

The challenge

The school runs a variety of programs in construction from beginners to advanced levels all year round. With so many programs starting at different times during the year and so many students arriving at different periods including a complex building layout with a confusing signage created difficulties for newly arrived students. Especially if there was a random last minute change in the lecture venue. Also, when there were visitors for new admissions or parents coming in to meet for the first time, they were solely dependent on staff providing support to those looking for a location. This led to a lot of unnecessary delay as well as requiring extra support staff.

Management identified the accessibility of classrooms as an issue when students and visitors were constantly finding themselves lost. The institute realised the need for an indoor navigation solution.

The solution

GoIndoor product was implemented to provide an indoor navigation solution to the school with a customized application named “EDC Où?”. This provides the features that the institute needs and provides quick and easy navigation across the entire campus. Users can be guided to the desired location with the fastest route. The app also considers user’s preferences to create the most efficient route, for example, if someone cannot take the stairs, they will be directed to the elevator.

Difficulties finding a building or classroom  can no longer be used as an excuse to be late.

 “EDC Où?” helps:

  • pinpoint the location on the building map;
  • If you take the wrong direction, the app will recalculate the route and will always take you to the right location;
  • find the optimum path to classrooms and other Points of Interests;
  • select shortcuts to the closest reception, cafeteria, restaurants, etc.
About the school

The School of Construction is the center of competence for training in the building and civil engineering trades.

It is therefore a unique “house of construction trades” in Switzerland which, in collaboration with vocational training partners, offers its services to professionals in this important economic sector. The campus is built over nearly 250,000 square feet of area.

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