Asset Location Tracking

Stolen Vehicle Rcovery

Fleet Management

Company Overview

  • Avis regional dealership
  • a network of more than 30 agencies in France
  • a fleet of about 4 500 vehicles
  • Vehicles from cars to trucks


  • SVR system to recover its vehicles whenever it is needed
  • Non GSM device (to avoid thief to find it)
  • Easy to install and maintain
Asset Management
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Our Solution

  • We define a stand alone device using different technology: GPS and LoRa
  • Thanks to that, the device send via LoRa his position (calculated via GPS) every 30 minutes in a sleeping mode and 5 in a tracking mode.
  • No GPS signal can be track to found the device
  • Stand alone: can be put anywhere in the car
  • Easy to install (no need of a third party)