Location-based marketing

Imagine being able to track your customers’ every move when they’re in your store.

You’d know which shelves and products were the most popular, and which routes were most frequently taken. You’d also be able to send custom notifications and market your products in real time.

Thanks to GoIndoor, this dream has become a reality. Our location-based solution offers LBM (location-based marketing), a direct marketing tool that uses a mobile device’s location to alert the application’s owner about a promotion or offer. The alerts are typically delivered to smartphones via text messages. The customer can then be guided to the desired product directly through the application. Despite the rise of online shopping, there’s still market for physical and impulse purchases, a niche that LBM is primed to fill.

At a time when over 50% of people use their smartphone in stores, LBM represents the ultimate direct marketing solution. It allows you to suggest real-time offers based on a user’s profile, whether you want to know which shelves they’ve visited, their age, gender or when they’ve made their purchases. Beyond targeting users’ profiles, you can set notifications at different times or base them on someone’s surroundings, for example, suggest restaurants at lunchtime, or a discount on gloves during winter.These kinds of notifications also enjoy a high sign-up rate among customers and owners. Customers save time and money, while owners have an amazing data source and can accurately measure the impact of their campaigns.

LBM has expanded rapidly in recent years and we’re convinced that it’s the future of retail, airport and events communication.

Guidage HRC – Wayfinding application for hospital

It’s not always easy to identify yourself in crowded and complex places such as hospitals. This is how the Riviera-Chablais hospital decided to appeal to GoIndoor.

They decided to set up a mobile application that facilitates the orientation of visitors and patients. It can be compared to GPS but indoor, which works with beacons and smartphones. People who downloaded the application can locate themselves in the building, indicate where to go and be guided towards it.

It’s also used to remind the patients, via SMS, the time and place of their appointment, one day before The message contains a code of appointment that they could enter in the application to start the guidance toward the appointment.

To facilitate the navigation and reassure the patients, photos have been incorporated into the application, to enable them to better identify their surroundings.Another positive point, the application has been developed for people with reduced mobility too. Indeed, simply activate the mode dedicated to them, to have paths including elevators but avoiding stairs.

These different points enable patients and visitors to find themselves, be oriented easily and to be stress-free in the hospital.

Now watch the video filmed at the Hospital Riviera-Chablais of Monthey, with different itineraries showing the different points mentioned above.

What is GoIndoor?

GoIndoor is a solution developed by OnYourMap. A tool that allows you to add indoor navigation to your apps and enables smartphones to tell you all you need to know about any indoor location. Whether you want to guide your visitors, track your assets, send notifications or provide information, GoIndoor makes it possible.

You can use GoIndoor in different places:

  • Hospitals by finding your equipment
  • Public Transports by finding your point of departure
  • Retails by increasing your basket size
  • Museums by getting your personal guide
  • Airports by improving your mobility experience
  • Parking by locating your car
  • Campus by reaching the right lecture on time
  • Events by finding your booth

With GoIndoor, you can send notifications to specific people at the right place and at the right time. Let them know about their surroundings, send promotions and share information when needed.

Moreover, GoIndoor allows pinpoint the exact location of an asset in real time and be guided to it hassle-free. Get notifications if any assets move unexpectedly within your building.

GoIndoor also offers real-time user positioning, perfect for lone workers or for hospital patients who have to stay in protected areas.

As well, GoIndoor can create multiple routes to the same destination according to each user’s profile. A person with reduced mobility, for example, will only be guided via elevators.