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Let your world infinitely evolve & always remain in control of your data

Manage an endless number of located moving objects

We build our products on linear scalable technology, enabling you to grow regardless of the number of located objects and connected devices.

Handle high-volume of requests

Independent of the number of users or devices, we make sure you can find what you are looking for in the blink of an eye.

Take care of everyone’s privacy concerns

Privacy matters, so whether you store your data in-house or on our Swiss-based cloud, you’re always in control and can manage your user rights.

Stand out from the crowd, tailor services around your business & improve your overall experience

Any change of status can be considered an event – crossing a geofence, variation of temperature, adjustment of speed. Using algorithmic logic for status updates means that you can keep track of almost any located item.

As a status changes, SMS, email or push notifications can be triggered and sent to any number of connected devices. This lets you and your users stay in the loop every step along the way.

Should you need to plot something on your map for your users, enjoy high-quality white label mapping and make sure your traffic remains in your environment.

Time is of the essence, anticipate & prevent issues as they happen boosting productivity.

Beginning with a robust search engine, once your data has been stored, access and find what you are looking for easily using the lightning-fast auto-complete feature.

There are a number of features that can help lean your activities, like on-map actions, situationally driven chat and sharing options. This simplifies the way you interact and stay connected with all users in the hierarchy.

Integrating these features increases usability and as a result, users are more likely to adopt your products with confidence.

Gain experience today & make better decisions for tomorrow

A massive amount of valuable data can be captured and recorded. With no fear of data-loss, you can always take a look back and get perspective on specific situations.

Activity reports and dashboards can be customized and scheduled to empower you with the right information at the right time. The richness of your understanding can be broadened simply by embedding your unique fingerprint on reports.

Finally, connect your analytics to your CRM and ERP system.

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